About Bill Langer

Bill Langer was born in Hartford, Connecticut on January 31, 1970 to Dick and Karen Langer.  The oldest of six children, Bill cut his teeth on hunting, thanks to his father.  At age five he was at his father’s side when Dick shot a seven pointer on the old family farm.  Bill was always interested in the American Indian to the point that grammar school teachers asked his mom, Karen, to get him to check out books from the school library other than those on Indians.  The fascination with Indians, and his father passing the tradition of hunting on to him, led to Bill spending all his free time in the woods with various homemade and fiberglass traditional bows.

As Bill went from hunting squirrels, rabbits, and the family chickens with his bow to big game, he also became very interested in the hunting productions available at the time like the “American Sportsman” tv show which showcased some of Fred Bear’s adventures.  In the mid ‘90s Bill met his wife, Kate, and with blinding love got her to start hanging from trees with him.  With the help of family and friends Bill began filming their hunts and putting them out to DVD for all hardworking hunters to enjoy.  Bill does not hunt for a living.  He has been working in the construction business for over 23 years with his father, operating heavy equipment, in their home state of Connecticut.

Bill and his wife have been blessed with four children, all who are living the outdoor lifestyle.  Their love of the outdoors is a mission in tradition that Bill has made his life’s work.  Bill is a traditional bowhunter by choice, and regularly shares camp and breaks bread with hunters who choose compounds, rifles, and pistols to hunt with.  It has never been about what you hunt with but rather, how you hunt.  Bill is a member of PBS, Compton Traditional Bowhunters, Pope and Young, NRA, UBC, and Tradgang. 

Bill has been fortunate enough to have harvested whitetail, turkey, javelina, wild hog, moose, black bear, mule deer, coues deer, Sitka blacktail deer, elk, mountain lion, Columbian blacktail deer, pronghorn antelope, a variety of African plains game, coyote, American alligator, and a variety of small game with his recurve bow.

Bill Langer Bowhunting Productions LLC was started in 1998 on the idea that the majority of hunters wanted to watch videos that showed hunts with “regular” everyday hunters living the bow hunting lifestyle.  We are happy to continue that tradition today.
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